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If you are having food deposits on the dishes, you can run the hot water at your sink until it is hot and then start your dishwasher. This will verify that the water used for the initial soak is hot as possible. You can also run tang powder through the dishwasher to clean out any soap deposits if you don't want to purchase a cleaner such as dishwasher magic.

  I wouldn't put any value on a consumer reports report. They don't even know that Kenmore doesn't make any appliance.


I realize you can't go by a CR review 100%, but where else can you go for reviews?  You can look at customer reviews for products online, such as on, but those are reviews by people who probably haven't tried the all of the products out there and for the most part, the reviews are hardly scientific.  The reviews are useful, but you have to take them with a grain of salt.

I tend to read the CR reviews for appliances, vacuums, etc., but when it comes to other things like cars, bikes, etc., I skip over those articles or the issue goes in the recycle.

We always suggest customers use Cascade actionpacs or the Finish powerball detergents.

I was using the cascade action paks and the complete action paks too, but they didnt seem to clean to well. I switched back to the cascade complete powder and immeditly noticed a difference. There was more detergent = more cleaning. I also use lemi shine every few washes and it does wonders for my fogged glasses and dishes, also cleans up the dishwasher tub pretty nicely. You can use lemi shine very wash, but its expensive for the little bottle you get and also dont use lemishine on hand painted stuff, or stuff with painted gold or silver, it will eat those off  in one wash. Make sure the designs are under the glaze and youll be fine!


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