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Kenmore 70 Series Model # 66712694


My dryer worked fine last night, then when I tried to start it today, NOTHING!  I know the light is on, and it shuts off when I close the door, because I looked at the back, but other then the light, NOTHING!  I cant afford an new dryer, so please help me.  Thank you all in advance.


Take a closer look at your model number and I think you will find that it starts with 110 so the full model number of your dryer would be 110.66712694

The first thing I would do is unplug the dryer, pull it away from the wall and check the Thermal Fuse

If you end up replacing the Thermal Fuse you will also want to check the blower housing and dryer vent for lint build up and clean it out.

If you happen to have house fuses instead of a breakers you may want to go to your fuse box for the house and check them first.

Your dryer would use two house fuses and if one is bad it could act the same as if the dryer fuse I posted above was bad.

If you have house breakers then I would bet the dryer fuse I posted above is bad.

if the fuse is fine check the door switch

How to get into the dryer and what to look for


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