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Hello I just purchased a cabrio wtw5640xw washer and I am noticing that the fabric softener is being dispensed in the 1st rinse even if I select extra rinse . I even sent the washer back and got an exchange and it is doing the same thing. Is it normal to dispense in the 1st rinse even if extra rinse is selected ? I called whirlpool and read the manual. The manual states " if extra rinse option is selected, fabric softener will be dispensed into the last rinse". When I  spoke to whirlpool they told me tht it was written poorly but the fabric softener would be dispensed in the last rinse of the cycle which is the one before the extra rinse. Can someone help me in finding out if this is normal or in need of repair ? Thanks  ???

from page 3-5 of the
Whirlpool Cabrio 6th Sense Service Manual
L-80 JOB AID Part No. 8178582
"The fabric softener is dispensed in the final rinse.
If Extra Rinse is selected, the fabric softener will be dispensed during the Extra Rinse."


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