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Kenmore Elite Ice Maker Stopped Working


Kenmore model 10657715703 side-by-side refrig (Whirlpool), about 2 years old. No ice production. Ice tray dry and empty all the time, sometimes warm.  Water in door OK.  Freezer temp a steady +2F. Sensor light blinks when freezer door open, steady on when flapper door is closed, off when freezer light is off. Found another blog that talked about error codes from sensor light? When blinking, continuous cycle of 2 blinks and a short pause.

Any diagnosis help would be appreciated.


--- Quote --- Water in door OK
--- End quote ---

All that tells you is that you have water to the refrigerator.

If the ice maker is not getting water to it the first thing I check is to make sure the line that feeds water directly to the ice maker is not frozen shut.


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