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Whirlpool W10073320 dishwasher, soap door not opening

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 My sister installed a W10073320 dishwasher about a year and a half ago. We were talking yesterday and she said that the soap door will not open during a cycle. She said that it NEVER did. Of course I gave her a hard time about not dealing with the issue while it was under warranty. (I assume that it is a 1 year). So, my question is "Whats causing the door to stay closed"? and "how do I fix it". Thanks

Your model number is off. Try this manual to find the model number and the mechanism that opens the soap dispenser.

Point Voyager service manual

Sorry, it is a DU930pwsq1

Looking at the parts diagram I can not figure out what actually causes the actuator to move and open the lid.

This dude, part # 3374501


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