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Author Topic: Clarification about verification & double checking a part#  (Read 1145 times)

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Clarification about verification & double checking a part#
« on: November 08, 2014, 08:45:21 AM »

What I mean is by my post is when you buy parts from any part supplier I double check part #'s against the number on the new part in question the actual # stamped, labeled on the part it's self. I have been burned a couple times with parts labeled on the packaging, not being the part I ordered. This happens once
in a while when you buy from a smaller supplier. Like the people on Ebay, Amazon  etc. You can find some great deals on quality parts, but and here is the TRICKY part, some times parts
get repackaged and once in a blue moon I get a "mystery part"
What I mean oh yea it's a thermostat & fuse for a Whirlpool dryer, just it is not the CORRECT one! By quick glance the package say Yes, but the numbers on the parts are not. Not to
down these sellers by any means, most are great, but mistakes
happen. If it's that bad and you contact them they will in return correct the mistake NO problem.
  The biggest confusions are the Gas & Electric thermostat kit's
Now my point is this just look at the this illustration of my point;

You see the two different value use There are two (2) Thermal Fuses included in the kit; 1 for Gas Dryers rated at 240*F Yellow dot (part # 53-1096) & 1 for Electric Dryers rated at 300*F Red/Pink dot (part # 53-1182) & 1 Thermostat used on both gas & electric models rated at 248*F (part # 53-0771)*.

In your package you will get 2 Thermal Fuses, but 2 gas or electric, not one of each. I just recommend inspecting the part its self before installing, just to be safe.
One time I bought a lot of 50 Whirlpool Dryer Thermal Fuse 3399849 out of 50 bags 1 was empty and one had two in it!
Specks: Thermal fuse is 91*C / 196*F and has 1/4" terminals.
and looks like a #3392519 which is:Thermal fuse rated 91*C / 196*F and has 3/16" terminals. But a quick glance tells you no
but it can be confusing.
The technical part data / specks came right out of his listing details very through seller, Most of the BIG part suppliers don't
give that level of service. the nitty gritty #'s. Check it out for yourself. I'm not endorsing any supplier, but It's a good practice 2 double check.
Also as a tip to the do-it-yourselves, God bless ya, thats why this site is here, just double check every thing out first. I have done liberality 100's of dryer service calls where the customer tied to fix it first, the only thing that went wrong was the incorrect part, not their skill at trying to fix it.

Another good one is dryer belts, theres lot's & lot's of belts & part cross over numbers #'s out here, It's a jungle out here!
And to the service professionals out here we all know that this belt fits this machine, even tho it's not supposed to GE fit the Frigidaire & the Amana Hummmm. (Ribs, width & diameter) that's all that matters, yes size does matter....
I get a lot of customers who bought their belt on line and this is what you got, usually I tell my customer, give me the new wrong belt that you bought, in exchange I won't charge you for the right part, makes my customer feel better, like there getting a deal and most of the time I use the "incorrect" on a different machine a couple days down the road. Every body's happy!!!
 Here's a classic: Whirlpool Dryer Drive Belt 341241
Replaces Part Number 99989674
Replaces Part Number 99989673
Replaces Part Number 99906951
Replaces Part Number 532671
Replaces Part Number 531589
Replaces Part Number 531528
Replaces Part Number 531080
Replaces Part Number 530186
Replaces Part Number W10131364
Replaces Part Number W10127457
Replaces Part Number FSP341241
Replaces Part Number 14210003
Replaces Part Number 53-2910
Replaces Part Number 53-1086
Replaces Part Number 8210*
Replaces Part Number 8206
Replaces Part Number 8210
Replaces Part Number 8066065
Replaces Part Number 697388
Replaces Part Number 695055
Enough said...

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