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Kenmore 106.54609300 not cooling

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Ok, Well this is strange but we mentioned to the tech that the fridge sounded very quiet like it did when it was down to temperature, not like when it was trying to cool down. Both fans were running but about 9p.m. last night the fan speed increased dramatically like we are used to hearing when the unit is working to drop the temperature. The unit cooled down some but not much. I would assume that if the compressor is tryin to cool the fridge the fan speed should increase if everything is working as it should.

What is the temp of the top of the compressor now that the condenser has been cleaned and the ice box has been going for a day?

JW, I really don't have a good way to measure that right now. I do know that the compressor is running and the temp in the fridge is going up again not down. It appears that the back of the freezer is starting to frost up pretty good again.

Well the saga continues.The control board was replaced, seems that the adc on this model is on that board.  They also changed the thermister in the fridge section and verified damper operation. Saturday morning, full ice maker 0 degrees in freezer, 37 degrees in fridge all good. Saturday night go to bed at 10, ice maker down about 1/3 of the way. Sunday morning the ice maker is not quite full and the fridge is almost 50 degrees. I can see that the fridge is going through the defrost cycle as the bottom edge of the coil can be seen. This has really got me puzzled.

The temps will naturally rise during defrost. Defrost should last up to 25 minutes. Then the compressor comes on again and the temp should fall.


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