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Kenmore 106.54609300 not cooling

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Woke up Monday to a warm refrigerator. Needed to be at work so I called a local appliance repairman to have a look. Compressor was running as was condensor and evaporator fan.The compressor was very hot.  Tech noticed that the freezer side was iced up and the coils underneath were dirty. He defrosted the freezer coils and checked the heater and cleaned the coils underneath. Said he felt it could be the ADC which on this model is supposedly part of the main board. Said he would like to let the unit run to see if it cooled down properly and if the coils started to ice up he would bring the board back with him. The unit ran overnight and this morning the refrigerator section had only dropped to 45 degrees from 65 the day before. The tech stopped by and said that the temp on the freezer side was struggling to maintain 30 degrees with the compressor running. He said he felt that the main board was to blame for the defrost problem but that he felt the compressor was on its way out and he siad to start looking for a replacement refrigerator. Does this sound like a reasonable assumption to the professionals on this board? Thanks once again, Jim

Model 106.54609300

24 hours is standard for letting a fridge regulate itself sometimes more depending on the amount of food stored.  If the defrost circuit has been checked and is working properly then you may have a thermistor issue for your fridge.  If the compressor is struggling I would want to see the evaporator coils.  They should have a nice sheen of frost throughout the entire coil (not partial).  With dirty condensor coils it would make sense that the compressor is hotter than should be that's what happens without proper air flow they get to hot and shut down.  It's possible it's the board but I would be more inclined to look at the thermistor first if it does not get itself down to temp.  Thermistor should be about 10K Ohm's at room temp.

Where is the thermistor located on this unit. I know that when he checked the coils the ice was built up in the lower section with the heaviest in the lower right corner. At the time he deiced the coil he checked several plugs with a fluke, I know one was the heater and something else. He stated that everything other than the defrost control checked out ok.

He was checking the heater and the defrost thermostat.  I haven't had time to check exactly where the thermistor is located in this model but most likely it will be near the cold input in the fresh food side (you can follow the wires if need be).  If you have heavy frost in one section of the evap. coils and the rest are just silver/metal you are most likely looking at a weak compressor or low refridgerant and unless you have a friend who's willing to repair/refill/replace the sealed system you will be better off replacing the unit. 

Thermisters turn the compressor on or off and open and close damper doors depending upon temperature in the appropriate section. A iced over evaporator is caused by a bad defrost terminator,bad heater or bad defrost control(ADC).  If the condenser fan motor at the compressor is good and the compressor start relay is good and the sealed system is charged correctly(no leaks). The unit will cool correctly. Check these components listed to eliminate the problem.


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