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Kenmore 400 Washer - Inconsistent Spin - replaced clutch and coupler

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Last summer I had the same problem. I removed the inner tub and their was a magic Marker laying flat on the bottom of the outter tub. This prevented spin.

Thanks JW. I'll pick up a spanner wrench today and take a look under the inner and outer tubs. Hopefully there a tube of chap stick or something under there and my problem will be solved!

While you have the agitator out check the Drive Block area.  Is there metal shavings there?  The drive block may be worn out.... Had this repair a few times recently.... The ears of the drive block were completely gone allowing the tub to turn freely by hand.  Also when I ran it in spin cycle while disassembled, I could see the shaft of the transmission spinning, but the tub was not turning at all.....

Hope that helps!

Is this machine pumping all the water out before it attempts to spin?

sounds like you need a new transmission to me, NO NEUTRAL DRAIN will cause this issue. to check run washer from   rinse cycle if goes right into spin without neutral drain then its transmission.                                                                                               


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