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Kenmore 400 Washer - Inconsistent Spin - replaced clutch and coupler

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I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find this exact set of circumstances.

I have a Kenmore 400 series top load direct drive washer. The machine only spins properly maybe one out of 10 cycles. The rest of the time you open it up to a sopping wet pile of clothes. I can occasionally get it going by spinning the tub by hand. The rest of the time I have to wring out the clothes. There are a few times where it will spin around slowly once or twice, then stop. No matter what, the motor it always running, but the tub doesn't always spin. There are no loud noises or anything that sounds out of the ordinary.

Everything else works- lid switch, agitator, drain, pump, timer. All the other cycles are functioning fine. I've already replaced the motor coupling and the clutch, and the spin cycle problem persists. I'm running out of ideas, but my next step would be to remove the inner tub and see if anything is causing friction and preventing the spin cycle from getting started.

If anybody has any ideas, they'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

Did you remove the cabinet to look at the clutch?
Did the clutch or the inside of the cabinet show any signs of oil?

I haven't run the machine with the cabinet off since replacing the clutch yesterday. However, the first two cycles after putting in the new clutch, the machine worked like new. Then it started doing the same old thing. That was a nasty tease after all that work.

The old clutch (and coupler too) was actually in pretty good shape when I replaced it. The machine is only about three years old. I'm actually going to hang onto the old parts as spares. There were no signs of oil either.

I also forgot to mention that when the machine is empty and I engage the spin cycle, it spins most of the time. The not-spinning happens mostly when it's full of clothes. Thanks again!

Sounds odd..

I wonder what JW thinks on this one?

You could have something under the basket. Mine personal washer


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