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Need service manual for Kitchenaid KAWE850VAL1

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I posted a couple years ago but never followed through on my repair. Now I am ready to start again. I was given a link to the free online service manual for Kitchenaid KAWE850VAL1 washer. I no longer have the manual and the link is no long good. Can you please help me get the manual? I did find a manual online (L-55) but it does not seem to cover my washer.


Your washer is a direct drive washer manufactured by Whirlpool. I'm afraid the closest thing you are going to get for a service manual is the L-55.

I did find a tech sheet for your model maybe that will help. I have attached a copy to this post.

What is wrong with your washer?

Thanks. I appreciate it. When I get orientated again I will be posting some questions.

Is L-55 very close to mine?


--- Quote from: sofasurfer on November 14, 2011, 12:35:14 AM ---Is L-55 very close to mine?

--- End quote ---

Yes, all the direct drive are the same under the cabinet, just the controls on top maybe different.
The gear box, clutch, motor, pump, etc.. are all the same as shown in the L-55 manual.


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