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Kitchenaid Double Oven won't heat


I have a Kitchenaid double oven, model #KEBS277SSS00, that will not heat in either oven.  The panel works, and shows "Lo", but neither oven heats up.  I have not run a self clean in quite a long time.
From what I've been reading, it sounds like I need to replace the thermal fuse.  Am I on the right track?  Does a double oven have 1 or 2 thermal fuses?
Thanks for your help!

Hve ya tried this:
To Lock Control: Touch and hold START for approximately
5 seconds, until “control locked” appears on the lower text line
and a lock icon appears in the display.
To Unlock Control: Repeat to unlock and remove “control
locked” and lock icon from the display.

Use and care:

Sounds like your Thermal Fuse.  #28 listed on the parts breakdown on the link you provided.  You can always test it to be sure, before your order the part.  Unplug the machine, and remove the back panel.  Pull the wires off of the fuse, and check across the terminals for continuity.  If the fuse shows open, you know its bad.    Keep in mind a "Thermal Fuse" is placed in your stove for a specific reason.  They go bad for 2 reasons.  Either #1- It wore out, similar to the way a light bulb wears out.  It is an electrical part and can burn out at anytime.  the Second reason it will go bad, is because the Temp inside of your stove exceeded the temp of the fuse.  This can happen for a few different reasons.   The oven sensor could be bad, Or the Electronic Oven Control, otherwise Know as a EOC, could be faulty.  From my experience, on your particular range, I would make a educated guess that just the fuse is bad.  Good Luck

So, I took out the thermal fuse, and took it to an appliance parts store to replace it.  They tested it, and said it was working fine.
Any suggestions for plan B?
Thanks :)

Your oven has two thermal fuses and two double line break relays on the control board.  Two components would have to fail at the same time for both ovens to not heat. So I think your L2 power is not getting to the oven. Check your breaker.  Switch it hard to off and then back on.  If that doesn't work check for burnt connections in the junction box behind the oven or in the breaker panel. 


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