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May need a new set


Well, it's just my luck that somehow within 3 weeks of each other, my washer AND dryer both go out. When I say out, I don't mean weird noises or not working quite right, I mean they are literally broken down. Unbelievable really but I just need to stop complaining and get it worked out. I'm here because I need advice as to whether it would cost more to have them both repaired or if it would cost more to buy new ones. What do you all think? I don't know too much about price points for these kind of things. I did a little searching and found an lg washer and dryer set but I haven't read any reviews on that type and I have absolutely no experience buying washers and dryers because I am newly removed from my parents house and my current house came with them. Yes, the broken down set. I had it coming.
Please give me some advice so I can get this resolved!

What is the issue with the washer and dryer?

What is their model numbers?

The issue is that they start and stop and start and stop. I had to get rid of them. They were awful. As for the model that I saw, I posted the lg washer and dryer link for them. When you go to that site, aren't they on the main page? They are when I look at it! Let me know. I'm not sure if that is the exact one that would work for me.

What you need to do is call around and see who can service LG products.  Call LG and see if they have an authorized servicer in your area.  Their customer servicer number and see who is the closest authorized servicer in your area. 

I have LG washer service manuals and notes HERE

LG dryer


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