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LG Direct Drive Front Load Washer



LG has had a front load washer for a few years now and recently introduced a direct drive version that eliminates the belt drive and places the motor directly in contact with the shaft on the rear of the tub. This is the same motor you will find on the GE harmony washers (go figure) and other than a possible hall effect sensor failure, there isn't much to break. Their is also only one board in these units so it is quite simple. As usual for LG there is still no tech sheets for these or any other model they make, but the service manuals do cover the basics.

that washer has been sold up here in canada for over 3 years now

i was seeing alot of LE errors on them (locked motor error) LG is blaming the customers saying they are not using He soaps and this is causing the error <shrug>

I think LG has some good products. The one thing I don't understand is why they do not use white wires for neutral, and green for ground. Heck they don't even keep the neutral wire the same color through out the appliance as it changes colors about everytime it run to a part on the machine.

There are times green wire is even use for the hot side of things. 

This is the biggest complaint I hear at the LG training schools to, over and over. But I guess that's the way things get done over sea's.

Wire colors is one of my pet peeves.  The LG front loader for example has a black and white wire that enters the filter board, and then reverses the colors when it exits the board.  Huh???  And don't even get me started on microwaves.  It wouldn't be so bad if the tech sheet cleared up the confusion, but many of these things don't have one, or the wiring diagram looks like my kid drew it with a crayon.  Job security for sure.


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