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LG Steam Assist Dishwasher



LG brought along a new steam assisted dishwasher to look at. If you have worked on their current dishwasher line, it looks the same, but there is now a steam generator on the left side, and steam ports below the venting on the inside left. The steam option is for heavily soiled washes and is used after the first rinse cycle to aid in the removal of stuck on debris. There was a nice demonstration of the steam feature (hard to see in the photo) and sure enough it worked. The thing I noticed, however, was the wiring diagram looks like it came out of a power plant. Wires running everywhere, but at least the control board is still in the door so you can still do checks without pulling the unit from the cabinetry. Assuming you know what you are looking for since there is no tech sheet.

they probably use a steam generator in their dryers right? That means the dryer has to have a water supply line? weird.


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