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Author Topic: FWT449GFS1 Frigidaire Washer Won't Spin  (Read 2717 times)

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FWT449GFS1 Frigidaire Washer Won't Spin
« on: October 18, 2011, 10:49:28 AM »

Got the Frigidaire FWT449GFS1 and serial prefix XC91727...

The door would not open anymore and w/o asking anybody, I took apart almost the entire washer only to find out that I had to break open the door anyhow. :embarassed:
So I ended up purchasing a new door switch/latch (part 131269400 got replaced with new: 131888900). They even shipped a whole new concrete counter weight, which broke in shipping. Fortunately, the washer had the new style block already.

Anyhow, putting the washer back together, I ran a quick spin test and door lock test and thought everything seemed to work perfectly.

When we wanted to run the first load, I discovered that the washer would not tumble at all.  >:( So the washing machine starts up, takes water, the control switch progresses but there is no tumbling action what so ever. When getting to the spin cycle, the machine will try to spin up briefly. It seems like it does not want to spin up slowly, but rather fast and the entire drum just hits the side wall. The washer will take water, the pump will work.

Any idea of what could be wrong? - Water level switch perhaps? - How can I find out easily?

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Re: FWT449GFS1 Frigidaire Washer Won't Spin
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2011, 05:33:07 PM »
check to see if you tub springs that are at the top of the washer under the top lid (left and right)sometimes they break/snap and then the weight of the washer will sometimes break the struts on the bottom of the washer (left and right) if the tub is not secure then it will always be a off balance load and shake rattle and roll


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