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I enjoy visiting Vegas and after a full day of classes, you gotta go out and have some fun. My favorite place to visit off the strip is Mermaids casino over on Fremont street. It's just a nice small place to relax, loose some money, and have all the drinks you like. And the staff (especially Kirsten, sorry photo omitted) is great and always makes sure you are having fun. I even included a photo of my big jackpot for the night. If only I was playing quarters and not penny's.

Brian last time I went to the Casinos I tipped the cute little girl a 5er and told her to bring me a Corona. She brought me one every 10 minutes after that. I played a 2 dollar roll of nickles for 3 hours steady drinking Coronas. When all was said and done I was out 2 dollars.

my only trip to an american casino was a one day bus trip to minomin(sp) minesota
it was a deal the royal canadian legion has here for membersthe bus was all seniors except for me and the g/f in our 20's
back then the CA dollar was worth alot more than ours, the trip cost 100CA dollars and when you got off the bus you got 100USD, so in theroy you could just go, plug machines and cash out and make about 40 bucks to take home, but me and the gf decided to play some nickle slots
on the trip back the tour guide was asking everyone how they did, all the seniors were counting losses, she got to us and me and the g/f and me started pulling greenbacks out of our pockets and counting... she counted 250USD i counted 175USD, the seniors all turned and gave us the evil eyes
we decided there that cause it was a day trip and we were not allowed to stop at duty free we would not mention that we had also almost emptied the cigarette machine at the casino and my duffle bag and the g/f's huge purse were full of smokes too

On our way out the door that same night we walked past the tables. I dared my wife to bet 5 dollars on 3 card poker. She was dealt 23and 4 of clubs and walked out with 200 bucks in her pocket after losing 40 bucks on the quarter slots. On top of that we had the best seafood feast we ever ate.


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