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mdl# WBVH5200J3WW- Tub only rotates in one direction. Ran diagnostics and get 120vac to feed inverter board when tub tumbles in one direction. When it should reverse direction the control doesn't supply 120 vac to inverter. What about the DC inputs from control board to inverter board, are these necessary in order for the main control to send the 120vac to the inverter? I believe the problem for the missing 120 vac from the inverter is a main control board problem. What do you think guys? Does the inverter need to supply any info to the main control board before it sends 120 to the inverter?

Have you looked at this manual?;sa=view;down=311

Page 39: If 120 VAC is present at the AC input harness and
motor resistance is correct, replace the inverter;
 if you ain't got 120 VAC then that would be in the control would it not?

Have you done the diagnostics? I am learning just like you. Thanks for posting.

new tech:
Did you get it fixed?
If so could you share with me what you found was the problem.



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