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I replaced the xmission and the motor on this washer. The xmission came with a gasket . Do I take out the little round one and the big older gasket out, than put the new one in?????????? I think the instructions said it replaces both the older gaskets??????? I left the little round one in ?????

Everything works good , except when the customer puts in a large load of laundry than the motor just humms durning the wash cycle??????? If i remove a 1/3 of the clothes it works??? If u put to much laundry in these machines is that normal?????

Thanks for the help this web site rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!  JPG

Model s3700e4ww

Wish I could help you out there. But I don't know much about that G.E.

Maybe one of our other techs will have some answers for you soon.

Tell me how you were able to get the old transmission out and do you have pictures? Show us what you are talking about.

Well, I took the whole tub out of the washer put it upside down and removed the legs, etc. The xmission came with a large gasket, it said the gasket would replace the other older 2 gaskets I think>>>So I replaced the big gasket and left the little round older one there.

Is it common if u over load these w/ a lot of laundry they wont agitate???  Sorry no pictures//  Jpg

did you replace the agitator drive block? This mounts under the agitator. The agitator will pop off if you grab it by the neck and give it a good yank,


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