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DMT300 Samsung Dishwasher Service Test Modes & Codes Quick Reference;sa=view;down=355

Joanna Clemente-Curcio:
Can someone help me out Samsung dishwasher Model Number DMT800RHS.
Had a power outage and it began flashing code CE..I thru the breaker to the dishwasher
For more than 30 seconds and still displays CE.  SAMSUNG WAS NO HELP!!

Shut off power disconnect the interface and let unit set about 10 minutes reconnect interface with control board and turn power back on,Good luck hope this works if not you will need parts

Hi gang,
New member here, i hope this is the correct method to document samsung dishwasher dmt400rhs problem.
In need of the service manual  that provides complete trouble shooting with voltage & resistance measurements, schematics, etc. so i can identify the defective part. I saw the quick track 3 page document, but need the service manual like the one for DMR57/77/78.
Thank you,

dv1, here you go...


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