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LG Refrigerator LMX, ice cubes too big

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Thanks WI,

Sorry - but where is the 'test' button located? 

I'll be happy to test the timing, and whether the water stops immediately.

Is there any way to change the 5-6 second time interval?  I'd love to drop it to 4 seconds...

It is the button that adjusts the ice cube size.  Press and hold it for about 10 seconds till the icemaker starts into the extraction mode.  Can't adjust the time.  It's not possible.

I feel like I need a drum roll...

I started the test cycle, and it extracted the current cubes.  With stopwatch in hand, I timed the filling cycle start to finish... 5.5 seconds.  When it stopped, the water coming down the fill spout stopped immediately.  No additional drops.

I don't know what my water pressure is in the house, but so far, the only thing I've been able to do to get the cubes to the 'correct' size is restricting flow.  Given that there is no mechanical or electrical way to reduce the fill cycle time, I feel more confident adding an inline mechanical valve between the ice maker supply solenoid and the ice maker.  There's a nice little compartment in the bottom of the door that will provide ample room.  I just didn't want to go to that extreme without verifying first.

Thanks for your help!

Just a follow up to my original post/comment.  I purchased a $5.00 miniature valve - like the kind that come with an ice maker kit, and installed it on the output side of ice maker solenoid (located underneath the bottom shelf on the door containing the ice maker).

I then adjusted the valve so that the amount of water that filled into the tray during each cycle was JUST ENOUGH to distribute water into each ice recess.   It took a few tries, but now, assuming my home water pressure doesn't fluctuate too much, I get perfect ice cubes.   Each cube is already separated as it comes out of the tray - so no more long sticks of 6 cubes that won't fit down the chute.

Given that the 'fill time' is now electronically limited, and the range is predefined, where the shortest time is still too long, I saw no other alternative.

Hopefully this will give other the confirmation that it can be done, and the encouragement to do it.

FWIW, I can now fill a large glass with ice in < 3 seconds - it just POURS in the cubes!!


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