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LG Refrigerator LMX, ice cubes too big

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I have had nothing but buyer's remorse since buying this fridge in 2009 at THD.  It's pretty, but just about everything you can think of from a functional/practical standpoint is an overwhelming frustration.  If it weren't that the wife likes how it looks so much, I'd have returned it on the second day.  But, I digress.

My biggest pet peeve, is that to fill a small cup with ice takes long enough that you almost need to pull up a chair while you wait.  I had a service guy out once for an unrelated issue, and he commented that all the in-door ice makers have this issue.  He said it was because the 'drop distance' from the maker to the tray is so short, the ice cubes don't break apart and get stuck in the chute. 

There are three ice cube sizes (S, M, L) - but even the smallest setting still ends up producing a string of 6 or so cubes in one strip that don't break apart.

Today, on a whim, I closed the water fill valve (on the wall hookup behind the fridge) by about 90%.  While the water fill rate through the door is now all but useless, the ice cubes are about 1/2 their normal size, and come out of the tray as individual cubes.  It's like heaven.

There are no (obvious) adjustment screws or knobs on the maker - so I imagine that dropping the fill rate or amount though some built-in mechanism is likely not possible.  I did find the two-valve solenoid in the freezer door, so I could install a restrictor valve at the output of just the ice maker supply line.  But before I do that, I figured I'd ask here if anyone knows of a more practical way to reduce the amount of water added to the ice tray.

First post, go easy :)

Does your pretty refrigerator have a complete model number?

Sure... I wasn't at home when I first posted... it's LMX25981ST

  AJ should be along soon to post the service manual for your frig and icemaker but I think your going to be just another unsatisfied LG customer. It should be a crime that companies like LG and Samsung do their research and development testing at the consumers expense and frustration.

It sounds like the icemaker has a problem.  It is supposed to time the water into the ice tray.  The lower led setting is 5 sec, middle led setting is 5.5 sec and the uppr led is 6 seconds.  The water pressure should be somewhere around 40 to 80 psi. 

Look for the icemaker fill tube.  Press the test button on the icemaker and watch the ice get extracted out and the water fill up the ice tray.  When the water turns off, look for signs of water still dripping into the ice tray.  If that happens, you may have a leaking water valve or an air leak in the tubing.  Water should stop flowing once the valve shuts off.

Also time the water fill.  On the lower led setting, time the water flow.  It should last 5 seconds.  If it doesn't, then you have to replace the icemaker.  There are no adjustments that can be made on the circuit board of the icemaker.

Ice Maker #AEQ36756901

Water Valve Assm  5221JA2011J

Hope this helps.


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