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GE 2800 dishwasher dispenser lid broken

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My lid dispenser just  broke off in my this a replaceable part?  How do I do it?

Could you post the model number.


You may want to double check your model number if it is a GSD2800D03 these are the replacement parts.  If you are talking about the detergent cup cover for this model the part is part #270966 at is AP2039368 it also has a dispenser lever that is part #2330 at the same website AP2039379 . 

To gain access: Please turn power off to the appliance.  You will need to take off the inner door by taking out the screw's around the outside of the inner door and then carefully pull off.  you will then have access to all the parts.

Double check the model number because the parts I listed are for the model I posted.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the is a GSD2800D03.  My eyes are going.  Anyways, I have the inner door off.  Does anyone have a diagram or picture of how the assembly should sit?  The spring & the gadget attached to the lever were lying on the bottom unattached.  It appears that only the lever is broken, I just dont know where the spring goes & how the device should sit.


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