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No water from dispenser-ice maker working-replaced valve inlet


Brand: KitchenAid
Model Number: KSCS25FJSS

I just replaced the icemaker/water dispenser inlet valve in the rear of the unit and I still have no water coming out of the dispenser. I removed the water line directly from the inlet valve and no water comes out from the valve when I press the water dispenser arm. So the line should be OK, not frozen...Ice maker is working fine.

I then opened up the front door dispenser:

There are two micro switches (seem to be same type) in the dispenser:  One for the ice maker and the other for the water dispenser. Since I know that the ice maker works, I swapped them. The ice maker is dispensing ice and still no I really need some help!

Strange, about down to seeing if you have voltage to the valve when you press the water disp button/paddle...if not going to have to see where the voktage has been lost, if you do have voltage at the valve, possible got a bad valve....good post by the way, you already had everything tested for us... :)

I've always wanted to learn how to use a multi-meter, I guess now is a good time.  Thanks for your input, I'll keep you posted.


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