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GE dryer does not start



I have a GE Profile Dryer model dpse810eg0wt. It worked fine for about three years but last night it would not start. When I set up the drying time and press the start button, it just clicks and the light "Sensing" starts blinking. It does the same thing does not matter what settings I try. Do you have any suggestions what to check?

Thank you very much,

You want to make sure of course that the door switch is ok then pop the top off and remove the front, get the drum out and check the Thermal safety
In the picture it is called a non resetable limit Click on pic to enlarge:

Thank you very much. I think I found the problem (I hope). I think it is Inlet Control Thermostat since it does not read closed circuit. I only checked the safety thermostat to start with.  Thank you for your help, now I just have to figure out how to put the drum back in!

If you removed the 3 screws to the center mount put them back before reinstalling the drum.


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