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LG dryer - Erratic No Heat Situation. What I found. FYI


Complaint:  Customer says that sometimes there's heat and sometimes there isn't.  No set pattern.  Upon arrival, I could smell gas inside the laundry room while dryer was actually running.  No signs of leak from gas connections.  Disassembled the dryer and my findings the following pictures. 

NOTE:  This is not always the case but it is an opportunity to share with everyone what I find in my day to day operations.

Great pictures. The blower housing safety is an auto reset one. It could be open though and that would kill power to the motor. The broken belt switch and the door switch could also kill the motor. The other safety's are in the heater circuit and would not kill power to the motor. The valve resistance is 1995 ohms and the ignitor is 185 when that puppy is working right. After cleaning it up did she come back to life? Got a picture of that exhaust klixon with the reset button?

Awesome photos, thanks for sharing...  O0

Yikes! That had a lot of lint build up. I have a dlg2525 not tumbling which is why I clicked on your post. The reset switch near the gas inlet and thermostat, is that a pressure switch that is just pushed or should it be clicking back into position. Mine allows me to press but its not staying like an outlet reset switch.


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