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I could tell the original grease had broken down to the point of resembling light weight oil; but the bearings were rolling freely, I greased them up really good anyway. Unfortunately, still the same problem, any other thoughts? It certainly does act as if the brake is at least partially engaging, and it seems as if it’s getting progressively worse… Is there any sort of relay associated with the motor that could possibly be getting weak and not supplying enough power?


Did you try a load of clothes?


--- Quote from: JWWebster on August 27, 2011, 03:18:32 PM ---Did you try a load of clothes?

--- End quote ---

 No I didn't, would it matter? Symptoms seemed the same regardless, but if it would help then why not I say...

Try a load and report back

Tried a load, same deal.  Do these things have a two speed motor?  I decided to disconnect the belt when it is hung up towards the end of the agitation cycle, and with the belt disconnected the motor just sits and hums.  If I switch to spin only mode, the motor takes right off.  I'm thinking it must be a two speed motor at this point, and perhaps it is getting weak.  I checked and the relays seem to be functioning.  But I can't believe they soldered them to the board! 


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