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You had me convinced until I read the part about no comforters.  We have a Cal-King sized bed and like to wash the blanket, so that is a big problem.  Any other suggestions?  Does the Roper only have a small sized tub or something?

I always tell people to wash the great big comforters at the laundry matt in one of them commercial washers. The tub is deep and nice enough to do a load of clothes. Where people mess up is they put the water level on low and then load up the washer. This puts a strain on the washer drive coupler. Better buy yours pretty quick because I hear a rumor they are going to discontinue these fine washers because of the new Gov regs.

This is a video of how the tranny works on these Roper washers:

This one shows how to tear is down all the way to the base:

Everything is easy to repair on this washer so you won't need to hire a rocket scientist to do diagnostics on it. The thing is if you treat this washer with respect you wont need to do any of the above repairs but now you know what you are buying ahead of the game. These are tried and true washers that will give you years of dependable service. if it does breakdown parts are cheap and it is very easy to repair.


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