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You down to motor or control. I say replace the cheapest first and if that don't do it replace the other OR plan B: Buy a Roper washer.

 Certain it's the motor at this point, and after looking online for a new one it's obvious that it's just not worth with...  :tickedoff:

Roper Baby Roper!

Roper you say? There must be a reason you are recommending a Roper, care to share exactly why? I am looking for a top loader, non high efficiency, and most importantly low cost… My wife says all of her friends that have purchased a high efficiency washer haven’t been pleased with the performance, something about not rinsing as well as they’d like. I really could care less about bells and whistles, just more crap to cause problems later. The wife isn’t all that picky either, so basic would do…

A Roper is cheaper, requires no fancy soap, does not depend on sensors and error codes. Does not care how much soap yall use. Does not have fancy electronics. All it does is it's J O B baby! A word of caution:
The Roper washer does not do blankets, comforters, or rugs. Does not like low water.


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