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 Looking for some tech advice here, my 10 year old GE WCSE3100A1WW has decided to crap out. My wife called me at work saying the washer wouldn’t go into the spin cycle, and that it smelled like something was burning, so I told her to shut it down until I could take a look at it. My first thought was the drive belt had bit the dust, but upon inspection I have discovered this not to be the case, the belt is in surprisingly good shape for its age, and the burning smell she described is actually the motor overheating.
So last night I did a test run to see exactly what was taking place. On the first run it filled fine, agitated fine, but at the end of the drain cycle is where we run into problems. The motor is powering on, but fails to spin the tub, and then begins to overheat. This is where it gets strange; if I rotate the selector knob all the way around and into “spin only” mode and restart it, it takes right off and spins as it should.

I ran it through another cycle and it hangs at the same point again, I can manually turn the pulley by hand when it hangs and the tub spins, but there seems to be quite a bit of resistance, so again, I cycle the knob all the way around to “spin only” it drains and it starts right up. I did stop it shortly after the spin cycle started, and noticed that there seemed to be less resistance when turning the belt by hand than when it was allowed to cycle thru on its own and to the point where it hangs up. I ran out of time and decided to pack it in for the night and give it another shot today.

The wife gets up this morning and decides she has to do some laundry, well now it seems to be hanging up before the end of the agitation cycle, and my previous trick of switching to “spin only” now results in motor and clutch engagement, followed by a ¼ rotation of the tub, and then it hangs. If I cycle the magnetic switch a few times it will finally go into spin mode and complete the task…

Is it possible the motor is just getting weak? Or is it more likely the trans/brake assembly has bought the farm? The drive train sounds good when running, no unusual noises that would indicate anything binding or coming apart. Are there any serviceable parts in the trans/brake assemblies, or is it a throw away item?

I am leaning towards it being a trans/brake related issue, but I hate to just throw parts at a problem with the hope that I am correct, and especially when there are much more qualified people that might lend a hand with the diagnosis. Thanks in advance for letting me bend your ears, and for any advice or suggestions you might have regarding this issue… O0

Model WCSE3100A1WW

Here is something you can try. Inside the clutch is 6 or 7 big ball bearings that rest in unlevel oblong channels. When that dude washes, them ball bearing ride up in in the shallow end of their grooves and lock that tub down. When it wants to spin them ball bearing roll back down in the deep end and the tub is released for spin baby! So what goes wrong? All that grease is gone bye bye and them bearings is hangin up. Get some lubricant and grease them ball bearings. Wd 40 sometimes does it but don't last too long. Grease is better. OR plan B: Flip the whole thing over and pour some old motor oil down in there and let it sit over night. That's the redneck way  :rofl: it will go another year or 2 before ya gotta do that treatment again.

The grease needs to go between that brake spring and the tranny innards that's where them ball bearing be. GE had a bunch of trouble when these glorified lawn mower quills first came out and they issued a kit to replace the brake assembly. See the logo that says appliancepartspros? Right there to the left of where the big A in Appliancepartspros is, is where you want to grease it. You want to be moving the pulley to release the brake so that will open up a gap to get the grease into. One of then cajun injectors full of grease shot up in there and she will purr like a kitten. Click on pic to enlarge

Maybe Shawn can give us some light on how it works and can show us one up close.

Thanks for the quick response, and sense of humor! :2funny: I will give it a shot first thing in the morning.


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