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GE profile refrigerator not freezing

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Is the evaporator fan motor working?

That dude probably has a slow leak. What kind of gas does it use?

the evaporator fan works. it uses R134a.

Can you get  A-1 line tap and some gauges with a 12oz can of R134A? That can holds enuff stuff to do 3 or 4 ice boxes. Sand down the LOW SIDE copper line before installin the saddle valve. The kit comes with a pin. You place that pin on the schrader and then screw down the cap that comes with the kit till it pierces the tubing (if you overtighten the damn thang then the schrader won't retract and all the friggin gas will escape NO GOOD do not over tighten) Then after the install see if you hear a hiss. Press the spring loaded schrader valve with your finger nail  to see if the system is under pressure. A hiss means you still have gas in it and that is good! If it has some in it that means yall can add a little. I mean a little. SLOWLY add a TAD till them fins frost over that evap. NEVER let the suction pressure exceed 5PSI when charging. When adding never let the pressure go over the 10 PSI mark. This is critical! OR yall could buy a fugging thousand dollar outfit to charge the exact amount  :rofl: Just take your time and add a tiny amount. Don't let no air get in the system and Party on  O0

i''l try that.but i'm confused ..if the refrigerant is less ,obviously it has leaked out, which may re occur.?


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