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GE profile refrigerator not freezing

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That defrost heater can sometimes create a tiny leak. It might take years to leak out. adding some gas can brang it back. It might take years to need another shot. Just a tad might git her goin. Sometime the lines is redirected down n the water supposedly to help coolig. But water and steel don't live together too well. LOL Leak happens. Click on pix to enlarge them:

thanks for all the help. i fixed a line tap. while working pressure was well below zero, i have topped up to 5psi. current too has increased fro.m 1.8.A to 2.3A and the coil is frosting.there is hardly any space at the bottom to inspect tubing.even the condenser is packed tight at the bottom. moving this ice box is not easy for it's weight.anyway i'll let it run for a day or so and give you a feedback . thanks.

Well alright! Let us know how it goes  O0

my problem is solved.the ice box is up and running like a champ.anyway i have a small hitch as where this refrigerant leaked out.i'll keep it under observation. thanx guys for all the help. i really appreciate it.apart from just sharing knowledge JW has gone even further by adding pictures to make things simpler as he could.thank you! O0

Way to go  O0


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