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GE profile refrigerator not freezing

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i have a problem with a GE profile refrigerator,model  TFG27PFX[a]  . the refrigerator seems ok, but freezer side does not freeze. the display shows an error code PF. It continues running with the error but no freezing. after running for about 5 hours i found the bottom coil had frosted , but not the upper.can someone please help me on this .and how to get technical data for this model.  and if possible error codes.
Thanks in advance  

Check the condenser fan motor beside the compressor. If the compressor is running the fan motor must be running. If the compressor and fan motor are both running you may have a refrigerant leak or weak compressor.

Thanks for the response. the compressor and condenser fan is working, but i hear a slight trickling sound [like water flow] somewhere around the compressor. is it normal or a restriction in gas flow.

Clean up the coils and feel the compressor if it is hot as fire you could have a bad compressor relay. Make sure the fan is running full blast and not slowing down. The trickling sound could be the fan motor going out.

I had cleaned the condenser coils before.the fan speed too seems good.the compressor is warm to the touch. doesn't seem to overheat, compressor draws about 1.8 AMPS . The trickling sound sounds like gas flowing,and the sound varies.can the compressor efficiency be checked without disturbing refrigerant lines.?


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