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--- Quote from: AdirondackBob on August 18, 2011, 08:37:45 PM ---This looks great!  :) Can Appliance Digest also be viewed through this?

--- End quote ---

Not at this time.

Not so sure you would be able to download service manuals through the app, but it's all really new to me right now.

It looks like a lot of things can be customized with it, but i'm running it 'as-is' in the default mode now.

I would guess as time goes on and I learn more about it I will develop it more to fit our site, but it's a start.

I will see if I can get it added to ApplianceDigest sometime this weekend so we can start playing around with it.

Thanks for the feedback...

I created a gallery of screen shot of the new updated version. Tapatalk Mobile App Screen Shot Gallery

Cool app!  O0

Hi Kathline

Hope you find the app useful.


This morning I upgraded our mobile app to the latest version of Tapatalk.
Seems as time goes on the number of people accessing our site with the mobile app is growing.  O0

Hope you have found our mobile app useful.


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