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I pulled the PCB and the number is 6870ed9001a.
I have found according to Repairclinic website only 1 PCB that has a close resemblance: it is AP4439539. These guys offer 4 PCBs for my model... The number mentioned is close but still is missing a small capacitor in the corner.

Also, I checked continuity and there is continuity between 1 and 2 and 1 and 3.
I really can't fathom it's the PCB, since nothing else has failed in the past, but everything according to my newbie skills proves otherwise.

That's not the correct part number.  The correct part number starts with a 6871...

It is usually on the board encased inside the plastic acrylic.

I believe the correct part number you need is 6871DD1014A if your serial number begins with 501.


Replace the SUMP ASSY (AJH31248604)

Using electrical tape---wrap the wire loom inside the door from the bottom of the door up to the detergent dispenser assy.

Add a small section of cardboard between the taped wire loom & the black tar material. Re-install the door panel.

Well I replaced the PCB 6871dd1006E and I get the same damn results- LE code... Very frustrated.

If I already disconnected the pump and motor and gave them power externally ( shaft and impeller both rotate) does this mean the parts could still be bad? Thanks for the help

Since you have already replaced the control board, there are only 2 other parts that can be at fault.  Either sump assembly or the wire harness.  Since you checked the wire harness and you say it's ok, then it would have to be the sump assembly.  The part number is AJH31248604.


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