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Due to the fact that I am posting, you can assume I have exhausted every option thus far.
I have visually inspected all wires from the control board to each motor, pump, control, etc.
I have removed down to the macerator, which was clean and in the right direction.
I have removed pump and motor, both shafts move freely.

Does anyone have an idea?

I was thinking since many people have had success with fixing the broken wire in the adhesive defect, maybe the wire may have resistance through it? How can I check properly the volts or ohms in the dw, I do have a voltmeter. Thanks

Model LDF7811ST

Find the connection between the motor and the control board and use your meter to make sure that you have good continuity.  It is possible that the wire harness may be bad.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help.
I checked continuity to all wires, they are all intact.
I also wired the drain pump and motor assembly briefly with a direct hook up to a wall outlet and the shafts spin.
Do I assume at this point that PCB is at fault.
It may be a point of interest, I have never replaced any parts to date and the dishwasher is 6 yes old 1 owner

Wild, thanks for the response but now I have a parts question.
If I want to control the PCB due to a LE code, what part number on the exploded view do I need to buy? K251, 252, or 253.
Also if i need to buy 251, my serial number(starts out 501kw) does not match the referenced list. If you go to the exploded diagram it will make sense.
Thanks for the help

Depending on the serial number, you have 3 choices.  The location number is K251.

If you want to be sure, pull the control panel assembly and look for the part number on the control board.  It will start with 6871---.  You will probably have an older version number so that's ok.  When you order that number, they will give you the updated part number.

Before you order the part, need you to check the motor to make sure that it's ok.  If you look at the wire connections to the motor.  3 of the connectors are bigger than the rest.  The first connector is  your white common.  Test point between 1 and 2  and  1 and 3.  Make sure you have continuity in those two connections.  It's possible that your motor may have an open short that doesn't allow the electricity to run the motor.

Good luck.


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