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lg washer was smoking


Had a new call today.  Customer said her front load LG washer started smoking with about 7 minutes left.  She turned it off.  Smoke apparently came from the front top left, where the dispenser slides in.

I took the whole thing apart and couldn't see any signs of anything being burnt or smoking.

I ran it and could not duplicate the problem.

No other devices near that spot that would cause smoke.

She said it had an electrical smell.

Any ideas?

You may want to pull the cover off the control board and see if there are any signs of burning.  I have received many calls like this and I've only come across one that the board actually burned inside the cover.  It's really tough to duplicate the problem.

Let us know if you get called back and what you end up finding, thanks..

I did look at the board and didnt see any signs of burning.  She had a bunch of laundry to do and said she would call be back if it acted up.  I havent heard from her.

kinda weird.


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