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GE Powerboil not up to snuff


My father-in-law got a new GE gas oven/range up north at his summer getaway.  The GE service tech switched it from nat. to lp then had to come back to adjust the burners.

 The problem is the powerboil is not heating well real difference than other burners.  I was up there a couple weeks ago and checked the flame and it looks good...good simmer, good on high, flame increase on powerboil but not sugnificant.  

Any thoughts on what I'm missing?  Any service manual?  I did read an older style manual that switching from nat. to lp the BTU's drop from 12,000 to 11,000 is this all were dealing with?  


Model JGB400SEP3SS

Inside the hollow stem is a way to tweak the flame on some stoves.

JW - all I know about is the air shutter and adjustment screw behind the knob.  How and where do I adjust in the stem? 

Congrat's on your website, great milestone!

Behind the knob on the stem of the control was what I was saying.


JW - yeah checked and adjusted the screw behind the knob and it was where it should be at looked good to me.


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