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NARDA 2008 Convention

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Hey guys, I am back, in one piece, and ready for a weekend.  My blog has just been updated with new things from the convention so they should show up here soon.  I am glad to hear any comments at all on my blog, and really appreciate AJ doing the porting over to this forum so we all can get more exposure. As long as someone is reading, I will keep typing. 

And JW, keep that reneck blog alive O0

Glad to hear you made it back ok. Looks like we got your update blog post moved, please take a look and see if I missed any.

When I first started doing this I lost one of your dryer post and could not seem to get it loaded again for some reason.

Looked like you had a lot of fun. I found the post with the video very interesting.

I think you need to start making some of your own "How to" videos now. :)

Brian I am glad to see ya made it back in one piece. welcome back dude!

Welcome back :tiphat:


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