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NARDA 2008 Convention

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I just wanted to let everyone know, I will be away from a computer (and work for that matter) starting 3/30 through 4/4 for the NARDA convention in Las Vegas.  I will return with pics and hopefully some new found knowledge to share.  And with any luck, a big jackpot.

Sounds like fun. Vegas is a nice destination.  :banana: :cheers: :banana:

Will be looking forward to seeing some photos of all the fun you had. :)

Have fun and good luck.  O0

By the way I just wanted to tell you Brian I really appreciate your posts they are so helpful. I had a blog on blogspot that I did many years ago. I never was able to get any reaction from it. I do not think anyone was interested although at the time I was Gung Ho about it. It was at Feel free to check it out. It was one of my first attempts at Blogging. I have another redneckish blog I did in hopes that it would get noticed but it didn't wash. It is quite humorous. It is at Now like I said these where attempts at starting my own webpage. At the time I thought I was really going to be famous at Bloging.

Redneck swimming pool  :2funny:

I think Brian does a great job with his blog. Hope we can help him get some more well deserved recognition for all his hard work.

I like that he adds a photo to each blog too. I really need to start taking my camera with me on service calls again.


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