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Just picked this fridge up.  Very nice looking unit, but, it won't cool.  Everything seems to be working like its supposed too.  Evap fan and Condenser fan both are running, all the lights are on and the cold control is run off a circuit board inside the fridge and it will adjust temp and lock and seems to do what it's supposed too.  But, the compressor is not turning on at all.  I checked the start relay and its totally fine I ohm the compressor and it has good continuity.  Could be the main board, but, I have no idea.  Any clues fellas?


My buddy Larry and I worked on a ice box like that recently. I found a loose solder connection on the back side of the board. Soldered it back using a $5 soldier iron and she worked.
That ice box is still going strong to this day yall!  O0

Main Control Board Part # WR55X10942

I would check the board remove it and look at the back side .. around the relays for burnt solder joints... also check the capacitor tops for a bulge..

Okay, so I need to look for burnt spots on the main board itself?  I am not exactly sure what the relays and capacitors look like on circuit boards?

pretty good burn spot in the middle in the middle of this picture.  So, I need to solder it?  Do I need to knock away the burnt solder and just re solder that spot?


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