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My less than two year old GE dryer is making an awful grinding noise. Doesn't matter if there are clothes in it or not. Going to take it apart but I was looking for any advice folks had before I did so.

Background: After we had it only a year it started to squeak after it had dried several loads but now it has clearly escalated because it emits a loud grinding sound. I found the thread below suggesting the culprit could be a worn out bearing but don't know if the were the same steps to switch them out on my model and if so, which part to purchase (I think it would be Bearing PART NUMBER: WE25M40 which apparently is the substitution for WE3X39 but do I also need the sleeve bearing listed on the Diagram). Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

Is it likely my problem:

Model DWSR463EG6WW

It very well could be the rear bearing...they sell a replacement kit part # WE25M40 
Also check the blower wheel to make sure it's in good shape and spinning true on the shaft.  Make sure you check the front glides while it's open if they are worn down enough(gone) you can literally eat into the housing.  Squeeking is an initial sign grinding is not good...if it's your rear bearing I would replace the front glides while your into it. 

Glide replacement Not all GE dryer parts are the same on every model. Use your model number to order your parts.

Right there in the center of your element pan is where your squeal originates in a GE dryer
Click on pic to enlarge:

Thanks! I think it is the glides. I can't find a part called "glide" but I did find these "slide bearings" that are in the same spot as the glides in the pics referenced above. Does that look right? Thanks!

"slide" and "glide" I use interchangeably...I do not want to push you in any direction in where to buy them but and are very well priced.  Just enter your model number and you will be able to find them.  From your model number I pulled up you will have to determine whether they are green or white slides.  use a little sil-glide when replacing for longer life.  Glad it isn't the rear bearing much simpler.  Good luck.


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