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Like most people I don't praise a company when they do well.  But this company saved me at least $1000.  I have a GE Monogram that listed for around $1,300.  I called GE and asked if I could get a parts list or a repair manual.  No dice.  Only option was to have a GE repairman come out and check it out.  I had already torn apart the unit to check it out.  

All he did was check the model and serial number.  Then he asked me what the code was flashing on the unit.  I told him F3 and F1.  He looked at his laptop and told me it was the control module and there was no way I could repair it and that the part was not available.  He charged me $75 and left.

I was furious!!!!

I found and sent my control unit to them.  They got it on a Monday and called me on a Tuesday.  Unit fixed!  $160 including delivery.  The only other option I had was to buy a new double oven.  THANK YOU!!!  Please believe me I am not an affiliate of anyone that would profit from this company.  This was a great experience.

Jack Ginnever 314-541-8478

Model ZEK754GP1BG

Hi Jack,

I have been happy with there service too.

They provide a service you can't just find any place.

Thanks for posting...  O0

Same here. Great staff and very quick response.

Beautimous folks.


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