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This Frig makes a clicking sound but the compressor isn't kicking in.  Fan runs and clicks off.  I am thinking it is the start relay but maybe the motherboard.  Is there a way to test the relay.


Is the fan running down there by the compressor? IF it is then the compressor should also be running.

If the start relay is getting voltage to it then the Control Board should be fine.

Here is the START RELAY for your model.

I would ohm the compressor windings to make sure they are ok before i ordered a new relay.

Kind of thinking the same thing myself.  Actually I believe it is a PTC relay with a run capacitor.  The fan only runs momentarily, with the clicking sound, then it stops running.  I am not to familiar with the computer boards and how to check them.  So I figure to check the PTC relay first. 

My buddy Larry and I worked on one a while back. Found a loose connection on the board and soldiered it back. The fan would come on but the compressor would not. So after soldiering that spot and putting it back it worked. Here are some PHOTOS of the repair.


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