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Intermittent Problem with Maytag Dishwasher



I'm having an intermittent problem with my dishwasher. It will always fill with water.........after that it does one of three things (well, maybe four):
1. works fine
2. makes a humming (buzzing) sound from the bottom of the washer (nothing else happens) I believe this noise is from the motor relay.
3. nothing at all
4. (Kind of) sometimes it will start working, but not finish (ie. not drain when done).

First, I talked to a local repairman. He told me that since it is intermittent, it can not be the motor or the relay. That it had to be the timer. Well.........I ordered the timer from here and then installed it when it came in.

Problem still there.

Thinking that it might be the relay, since this is what is making the noise, but I would like to have a second (and possibly a third and forth) opinion before I spend more money on another part.

The relay is humming cause the motor is binding.

Replace the motor. It comes with a new relay. Unless of course, you'd like to waste another week ordering a relay only to find out this did not work. :)  Around here, opinions are like bellybuttons...we all got 'em.

'Course if you owned a clamp-on amp probe, you'd already know if the motor was bad due to the excessive run load amps it was drawing. Locked rotor amps are stamped on the motor  and sometimes on the model plate in tiny letters.

Want to get a head's up on your local repair guy? Here's the Performa Dishwasher Manual

I have a brand new amp meter for sale cheap.


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