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Bosch Spring Training 2008

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The Bosch training bandwagon came through town today and we spent come quality time going over updates to current products, and was introduced to a new dishwasher product. This dishwasher will be sold as an entry level product with it's lower (for Bosch) price tag, but it still looks to have several of the benefits of the Bosch dishwasher product line. The first thing that should be noted is this unit has a stainless top and side tub, with a plastic bottom and frame. But unlike most of their other DW products, the wash and control components can be reached from behind the access panel without removing the unit from the customers cabinet. Admittedly it will be noisier (no sound insulation) and has few options, but should prove to be at least easier to service.

So, do you work for a local service company to have the Bosch "training wagon" come by? Must be nice!


--- Quote from: Repair-man on March 28, 2008, 01:45:02 PM ---So, do you work for a local service company to have the Bosch "training wagon" come by? Must be nice!

--- End quote ---
Why yes.  I am the technical trainer for our service department so we try and get the manufacturer trainers whenever they are willing to come by, or I do the train-the-trainer stuff for in-house classes.  Unfortunately, training keeps getting harder to get your hands on these days and the service reps tend to have such large areas that they don't swing by often.  So I take whatever I can get.

Yeah, the cost of fuel has backed a lot of these factory service training reps into a corner, which puts the burden of continuing education on those best suited to do so within the private companies. At least they provide you with the latest info...always a plus.

Has the Bosch dishwasher you pointed out in your post been placed on the sales floors yet or is it going to premier soon?  And, what's with that drain hose routing?? Seems to wrap around the side....

The release date for the dishwasher is May and the one we were looking at was a pre-production model so if you notice, all the wiring bundles are the same color to the same component.  The rep thought that was going to change so you could actually use the tech sheet to check for proper voltages on the correct wires.  The tech sheet was also pre-production so it consisted of blocks with lines running to it.  Both motors are DC so there isn't much fixing on this one.  Either replace the motors or the boards in most cases.  As for the drain hose, it loops up the left side around the inlet port (this one fills from the side instead of the normal Bosch method of sump filling) to create the air gap, the water inlet line runs up the middle, and the dryer condensate hose runs down from the vent outlet and terminates just in front of the rear drain hose connection. So all the hoses are on one side instead of the drain on one and the condensate on the other.  Looks like a good setup and should prove to be much easier to service then the normal Bosch, but time will tell.


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