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Just aggitates and water pump keeps running

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Georges Applianc:
No matter where you set the timer, when the start button is pushed all the machine will do is agitate with no water in it and the water pump keeps running. Those GE's are nothing but trouble. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Model WCSE3100A1WW

Remove the front panel and clean the gunk out of the pressure tube.

Georges Applianc:
I had the pressure tube off and blew on it and could hear the water level valve clicking but that didn't make any difference it still just agitated and the water pump still just ran.

Which end was ya blowing through?
 You supposed to remove the hose from the switch and get the sediment out the tub

Georges Applianc:
I unhooked the hose off of the tub and blew pressure in it to make the water level  controll think it was full of water and then I released the pressure to see what it wold do and it just kept agitating and the water pump kept running no matter if it had pressure or not.


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