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Author Topic: Maytag Performa Washer won't agitate - think it's stuck transmission  (Read 8657 times)

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Over the past few weeks my wife's been telling me that the washing machine wasn't draining properly. After looking it over and reading up on the forums, I couldn't tell if the pump bearing was bad or it needed a new thrust bearing. I ordered both plus a new snubber (the machine's been rocking and off-balance for several months). I put the new pump and thrust bearing in, but didn't use the snubber because I couldn't figure out how it went into the machine (did figure it out later and did install it). Put the machine back together, and it spun and drained fine. Not 10 minutes later, my wife said she smelled something burning. I finally determined that the machine would spin fine, but not agtitate. The burning smell was the motor trying to spin in agitate-mode but locking up. I can turn the thrust bearing pulley fine counterclockwise (spin) but it won't move at all clockwise (agitate). I want to make sure I haven't overlooked anything, because it seems like a funny coincidence that the transmission goes out as I'm replacing the thrust bearing. As near as I can tell, the lower cam can only fit into the pulley and onto the spindles one way. Is it possible since the snubber has been bad for awhile, it finally caused the transmission to let loose, or is there some other way to put the pulley and lower cam onto the agitate spindle? Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give.

Model PAV1000AWW

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Re: Maytag Performa Washer won't agitate - think it's stuck transmission
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2011, 10:58:48 PM »
Might be a bad tranny. If the brake is locked and the tub don't turn in wash then you have the correct amount of washers on there. If the belt is smokin I would say the innards of the tranny are gone in wash just like the one I got in my back yard I took these photos of:
Maytag single belt
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