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Removing dents in a stainless steel fridge


Hello again.  Any tricks on removing dents from a stainless steel fridge??  On it talks about a blow dryer and co2, any thoughts from you guys?

you can use FREEZE SPRAY and a blow dryer to pop out dent ...

heat up the dent in a circle motion.. heat only the dent get it just hot enough that you can touch it  around 100f to 120f  work it with a glove on your hands ... start on the out side work the metal in...

keep reheating the dent....but don't get it too hot.... just hot so you can put your

take the freeze spray and start in the center ,,work in a circle motion cover the whole dent but do not go out side the dent...this will shrink the metal and pop the dent out..

take your time don't rush.. let us know.

William Clenney:
Hey all who may stumble across this thread.  There's a lot of controversy around the effectiveness of this method and I thought I'd add my experience here for anyone to view or comment upon.
I received a Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator and upon opening the box AFTER delivery (big mistake), I found two very small but distinct dents in one of the doors.  I researched a ton on the web to determine if I could get these out easily since they were so small and it seemed like such a shame to return a perfectly good fridge with just a small cosmetic problem.  So, I went out and bought a hair dryer and dry ice.  I tried the method described above several times and it did not change the dent AT ALL.  :( 
I am not sure if I am alone in this, but it clearly did not work for me.  I am curious if there are others who have tried it and if they had success or failure.  At least the experiment was cheap and ultimately harmless.  Thanks!

I have done this many time... But never with dry ice... :D

You can get the dents out, any type but its quite costly, I've seen guys that do paintless dent removal, they have special tools, and from behind the dent they will start banging the dent out, then if necessary, they redo the satin finish on the stainless steel. Check out youtube and see how its done. I've also seen people do body work type repairs to refrigerator dents.


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