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GE Fridge defrost issue?

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Okay so my last customer had this pretty nice GE she was replacing with an Amana that I had.  I took the GE off her hands.  I noticed right away that there was frost everywhere inside the back of the freezer.  I can do some basic testing and determine, with your help of course, what the defrost problem is.  However, this unit does have a main board.  I do not even want to mess with the fridge without being able to tell if the main board is bad first.  The fridge seems to work just fine right now, it's getting cold and cooling both sides.  I assume that means the main board is in good shape?


There's a quick way to check the defrost system at the main board.  Find the main power connection, it's the molex plug with three spade terminals close together.  Connect a jumper wire between power and def.  Check for an amp draw. You have an ammeter, right? Okay, if you don't have an ammeter, get one.  If you still don't have an ammeter, look for a spark when you disconnect the jumper wire.  If there's no spark or amperage, either the heater or defrost thermostat is bad.  If there is amperage, you have a bad evaporator thermistor or main board. Thermistors can be checked at the main board. Here's a cheat sheet with thermistor values.  In my experience if a thermistor is bad it will show way out off spec, like showing 120 in a 0 freezer.

does the jumper wire need to be anything fancy?  Also, I do not have an ammeter, I just never needed one and I am in the beginning stages of repair.  Would I have a lot of use for one?

Ron I have an older ammeter. Give me yer address and its yers dude.

That sounds awesome, thanks JW.  I sent you my address and phone number.  thanks!


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